Work Samples

Below, you will find examples (interaction samples on top and condensed courses samples below) of my work that I have completed for other contracts or side projects. All proprietary content and logos have been removed and replaced with standard Lorem Ipsum text and my own personal logo for client discretion so that you are left with sample interactions and design styles.

Click on any image below to view its corresponding work sample. The sample will open in a new browser window. Simply close the browser window to return to this page.

Attestation Sample

Attestations built in Storyline are a great tool to ensure your employees certify they have read or completed a task. This is especially useful for compliance or regulatory requirements if the completion is passed to your LMS for tracking purposes.

Button Sample

In this example, I created buttons that change state after they have been visited, highlighted key words for the learner to aware of, and used a scrolling panel to display more content than would otherwise have fit on the screen.

Tabs Sample

Tabs add interactivity with state changes and triggered layers to break our of the standard e-learning that your employees expect. In this example, I use movable tabs to display content that change states after viewing.

Complete Course Sample 1

This was built as a whistleblowing course for European employees or any employee who works on European accounts. Audio was left in on the first slide as an sample of voiceover audio narration that I recorded, but removed from all other slides.

Complete Course Sample 2

This course was built as an annual compliance training for employees with privileged access - or the ability to grant other employees user/role based system permissions.

Complete Course Sample 3

This course was built for front-line customer service representatives to discuss proper use of call recording disclosures.